From premium fresh roses to 
diamonds on roses, Art that last forever, history and heritage...

Ajediam’s forever preserved diamonds on roses covered with 3.00 carats of natural, certified cut diamonds has been a successful project of years in the making.
Please join us on the journey that led to the unique creation of eternally preserved diamond roses.

Year 1998,

A decade before the world would be thrown into the turmoil of a global economic meltdown;
Several countries were struggling with banking crises, including Russia and Argentina. Shortly prior to Europe, USA, Finland, Asia and Peru were also affected by banking crises in their respective economies.
Ajediam at this time was already well established as a diamond company, cutter and polisher in Antwerp.
We were alarmed by the situation and concerned about how these developments would affect the household income and purchasing power of the average citizen.
Job evaluation day:
We recognized that diamond and jewelry purchases may soon exceed the budget of an increasing number of households.
At the same time, the act of diamonds and jewelry gifting was already adopted and integrated in Western society, and we also acknowledged that this cultural aspect was unlikely to change, putting some consumers in a financial difficult position as a result.
We decided that we had to identify a suitable and affordable solution to the disconnection between disposable income and the culture of diamond gift giving.
As such, we started to conduct extensive market research in the matter.
Early on, we discovered that diamonds and roses were the top two choices of gifts and after many years of research we managed to combine the two. 
Not only that, the fusion of diamonds and roses creates a unique piece of art and that is utilized as such. 
Being the hardest and one of the rarest substances known to man, formed billions of years ago, diamonds are regarded as the raw art of nature. 
A master cutter exhibits extraordinary skill to refine and transform a pebble-like rough diamond into the radiating and sparkling finished product. 
Roses throughout history have been associated not only with romance but have known to integrate themselves in the art of literature and paintings. 
The merging of these two beautiful gifts of nature, one created below the earth’s surface and the other created above, resembles something extremely pleasing to the eye. 

Year 2000,

we analyzed the gift market and trends whilst keeping our core expertise of diamonds in mind. 
Different gifts represent different occasions and emotions such as appreciation, celebration, gratitude, friendship, recognition etc.
As a diamond company and jeweler, Master Goldsmith, we are in the business of love, romance and commitment. 
Our range of gifts consists of diamonds of the highest quality, set in gold and platinum settings, precious stones and jewelry made out of silver and steel. 
Diamonds also represent luxury and we did not want to devalue the product or sacrifice the element of luxury. 
The definition that determined the value of diamonds is that they are durable, rare and beautiful and these standards should be honored and preserved. 
Yet, we also strived to the creation of a product that would embody these elements at an affordable price point.

Year 2002,

Our ongoing market research revealed that the emotional attachment to roses as a gift were very similar to that the emotional motivation of using diamonds as a gift and that roses were the most affordable gift option for expressing feelings in the same emotional category, like love and romance. 
Even though roses ticked some of the same boxes as diamonds as a gift, there were some crucial dissimilarities; roses, unlike diamonds, are neither rare nor durable.
As such, we set up to change that.
We started tackling the element of durability and commenced testing ways to stabilize and perpetually preserve fresh flowers by lab research. 
The aim was to keep the flowers eternally fresh, like they were plucked yesterday, in a non-toxic fashion.

Testing continued during the year 2005, 

As we were identifying ways to perfect the treatment of stabilizing fresh flowers and to ensure a high quality of the eternally preserved end product. 
In order to make a rose durable it was crucial that the flowers did not show any sign of deterioration or discoloration. 
The aim was to treat a flower in such a way that the color of the petals remained intense and the texture remained soft. 
At the same time, the physical appearance of the rose was not to change regardless time, in order to preserve the beauty. 
As we are specialized in high quality diamonds we had no experience in roses and started with small roses and the first packaging.

Year 2010,

We started to concentrate on the element of rarity. 
We already made progress, since eternally preserved roses were considerably rarer than normal roses. However, to the eye, eternally preserved roses and normal roses appeared the same. 
We decided to use only the biggest roses of the highest quality for our project 
but in order to truly address the rarity element, we started to test if very small cut natural diamonds could somehow be attached, set on the Premium roses without falling off.
After all, diamonds is our expertise. 

Year 2014,

Marked the year that all the research and testing paid off. 
We succeeded in stabilizing high quality natural roses in such a way that they were eternally preserved and we identified a way to set natural cut diamonds to the rose petals. 
We managed to cover the natural roses with no less than three carats of high quality, cut diamonds and the results were breathtakingly beautiful. 
The eternally preserved rose feels and looks exactly like an untreated rose and the contrast between the sparkling diamonds and the velvety softness of the rose petals gives it a magical touch like morning dew. 
We set off to provide an affordable gift that embodied love and romance without sacrificing the element of luxury and we succeeded. 
The natural t roses of highest Premium quality and size are meticulously selected, stabilized and eternally preserved. They can be displayed as Art and a tasteful decoration to somebody’s home. This true art of nature itself is available at a fair price. We already knew that diamonds are forever, but now, so are diamond roses from Ajediam too!

Year 2016,

Say it with natural premium high quality Roses stabilized forever, set with 3.00 carats natural cut diamonds…
We are proud to offer eternally preserved diamond roses, covered in an astonishing three carats of natural cut diamonds sold at very affordable price. 

Year 2017                                                                                                                                                    The diamond roses are displayed in a luxury jewelry box, containing two LED lights and an on/off switch. The opening mechanism of the luxury jewelry box is magnetic.

Regardless of your location, we are able to deliver the diamond rose to you within 48 hours. We offer free and fully insured shipment and worldwide delivery by FedEx. 
After all… Ajediam is the famous diamond company, cutter, wholesaler, importer and brand associated with a long established tradition of excellence and proven track record that spreads over three decades. 
Since the 13th century Rough diamonds were brought to Antwerp by Portuguese shippers.
From then on, it is an Antwerp, (Flanders) Family Heritage to be the best in Art of Cutting & Polishing diamonds.
Ajediam, the brand name associated with excellence...
Over 700 years of Family Heritage has been making Ajediam the best in Art of Cutting & Polishing diamonds of EX EX EX Hearts & Arrows
The shareholders, the board of directors and the cutters of Ajediam are Flemish people with over 30 years of tradition of excellence. Manufacturer of the finest cut, Triple EX, H & A, Ideal Cut and Always ahead…
Ajediam is the Very Source Diamond Company in Antwerp.
Price quality is best, equally important.
Ajediam is reliable… 
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The Art of Cutting and Polishing Diamonds
Art is defined by the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. 
Whereas a Vincent Van Gogh added layers in order to create a painting of extraordinary beauty, a master cutter is an artistic sculptor that carefully removes layers to release the exquisite beauty that is confined within the rough appearance.
Although not everyone will have the same appreciation for fine arts, the astonishing beauty of a cut and polished diamond is consistent and above all undeniable.
The craftsmanship that goes into the complex manufacturing process diamonds requires a very high level of expertise, patience and skill.
Whenever one of the 4 C’s changes other value factors can also be affected. 
The challenge of the cutter is to utilize the maximum potential of the diamond in order to achieve the highest value and physical appeal. 
Transforming a dull looking and pebble-like rough stone into a radiating gem is nothing less than pure art. 
“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.”
R. Buckminster Fuller 
A rough diamond is carefully inspected and the planner decides how the diamond will be sawed or cleaved in order to produce the largest diamond possible with the best clarity, color and proportions. 
Once a diamond has been sawed or cleaved, the basic outline of a diamond is formed by cutting into the rough shape. 
Polishing is the last stage of the process and gives the diamond its finished dimensions. 
Diamonds are polished on a high speed spinning disc that is coated with diamond powder. 
The first and main facets of the diamond are polished and a true diamond starts carefully to emerge from its rough state. 
This step determines the symmetry of the diamond. Finally, the smaller facets are polished, completing the transformation into the ultimate testimony of nature.
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