How to be sure that your gift will be the best.
Successful gift giving rules

Rules for successful gift giving:

The ideal gift must be appropriate and proportionate in value and form to any circumstances!

Learn how to avoid buying the wrong gift

Checklist to help determine whether an offer is appropriate:

What if the recipeint does not like?

Then you miss your target and... the fun is over.
Impress with your imagination by choosing the perfect gift.

What is the form of the gift?

Cash or vouchers, credit, personal discounts etc. should never be offered.
Do not give a banal gift you can get anywhere.

What is the actual value?

Avoid disproportionate and lavish gifts.

How and when it is offered?

At any occasion

What is the intend?

Make happy

Is there any expectation of a return?

Gifts and hospitality should be freely given! 

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